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"There are far worse things awaiting man than death."-Dracula Himself

Among us live thousands of CREATURES who take the shape of neighbors, teachers, friends, family, dogs, preachers, butchers, repairmen, band leaders, and children. These creatures are not of this world or this dimension. They are among those who wish to infect our world and our dimension. Interdimensional interplanetary beings who are among us. They are the Pleiadians. A race so ancient that one can't even count on two hands the trillions of years that they've been mucking about in this dark, cold universe.

This is a hard pill for some to swallow. But there are thousands, if not millions, of human beings in contact with the Pleiadian race at this very moment. Some of them are powerful people (see NASA: National Aeronautics and Space Administration or North American Star-Seed Alliance?), some normal just like you or I, but make no mistake: ALL of them have been duped by a manipulative race of wannabe Uebermenschen who parade around our planet like it is their own private playground. There is a growing community of likeminded people who are taking note and rising up against this Nordic Menace before it is too late. If you want to join the Fuck Nasa Army and take the pledge then do so at your own risk but know that when you do, you are making the first step towards taking our planet back from this interdimensional scum.

Who are Pleiadians?

The Pleiadians are an ancient race of interdimensional space beings who hail from a far away planet called Pleiadia Prime. They can live to be 8000 years old with one documented case of a Pleiadian living to be 8769 years old at the time of his death in October of 1978 in Kansas. They are a race of nordic aliens who resemble in many ways humankind. They are identifiable thanks to their tall stature, large almond eyes (think about greys), and thick blonde or white hair.

They often posess a high intellect and are very good and careful with the language they use. They appear and act kind to most people but are also beings of great strength when challanged in a physical manner. If you see one do not panic but also refrain from interacting with them. Many new-aged spiritualists and UFOlogists claim that the Pleiadians are a peaceful species. These people are misguided!

False Prophets

Often these Pleiadians will come to humans of Earth (yes, there are humans in this universe who do not live on Earth) and present themselves as saviors and beings of peace and healing. This is false! These creatures are only here to suck out our life force/soul-selves. Our soul-selves are the beings of light inside of us to whom our bodies are simply hosts. The soul-self is the true self. PLEIADIANS HAVE NO SOUL-SELVES AND THEREFORE ARE SOULLESS CREATURES SEEKING TO GAIN POWER BY TAKING YOUR ANCIENT AND PRECIOUS SOUL ENERGY. They seek to do this by way of alien-human hybrids (see star-seeds) and government infiltration. Many in the government believe that they are indeed helping the human race evolve (see human cyborg expirimentation) to a new, higher state. While this task may seem noble it has been influenced and corrupted by the Pleaidian influence. The government believes that by working with this race who promises peace, and improved quality of life they are actually helping us. NOTHING could be further from the truth. They are hurting us.

FACT: The pleiadians have no souls of their own making them beings without compassion, beings of DARKNESS aka SATAN who created the Universe as a prison for our soul-selves.

FACT: The pleiadians are using hybridiazation experiments to capture and harvest human souls.

FACT: NASA and the American Government are aiding the pleiadians in their quest to hybridize the human race and effectively take over our planet from the inside out

FACT: Dr.Young-hae Chi of Oxford is an ADVOCATE for Human-Alien Hybridization who claims that it is the only way to "save humanity".

FACT: Dr.Young-hae Chi is a Pleiadian puppet who is full of B.S.

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